Is there a science about love? Is there a method to find your perfect match?

Don, from the book The Rosie Project, is certain science can guide him in finding the perfect wife. He is a scientist and is sure that a questionnaire, evidence based of course, as a checklist of requirements might be the key to make a love connection. But love is not as predictable as he thinks, to find a wife he needs first to get a second date, which he has never achieved.

He might be a genetics genius but social relationships are not his expertise… especially when he meets a whirlwind named Rosie! She drinks, smokes and is furthest from Don wife’s project as a woman can be, but she needs Dons scientific help.

Funny and adorable, a love story from a male point of view that is impossible to read without grinning. Definitely Don deserves a special place next to Sheldon Cooper and Christopher Boone (from Curious incident of the dog…) in our hearts and bookshelves!

Author: Euge Robbio, from Alto Palermo store. We recommend her reviews on Instagram @bookishlifeofe 💙