This book is about an Irish girl (Elis) who leaves everything behind, her family, her friends and her country, when she goes to Brooklyn looking for a new start.

But this novel doesn’t focus only on the nostalgia of it all, it brings you joy and happiness, it gives you hope that you can make it. That if you surround yourself with lovely people you’ll find a way. It’s important to have little goals, to have fun too, to let your self be. Elis found love, a good job, a career and a lovely Italian.

If you are going through something like this, if you’re an immigrant read this! If you’re not then read it too! Because it’s a beautiful story!

It’s set on the 1950’s and if you close your eyes you can imagine the city, the long boat trip from Ireland to New York…. you can see and feel everything. It’s really really good!

Oh and there’s also a movie! And it’s amazing! So watch it!

Reviewer: Jiniva, from Alto Palermo Store. See more of her beautiful reviews