If you are looking for a romantic and captivating book, do not hesitate to read this! I loved The Summer I Turned Pretty from beginning to end!

Belly and her mother spend every summer with the latter’s friend, Susannah Fisher, and her two sons Conrad and Jeremiah, at their beach house. Belly is really good friends with Jeremiah and has been in love, since forever, with Conrad. As Belly grows into a pretty, feminine young woman, the two boys finally start noticing her as more than just a friend. Belly loves her summers at the Fishers’ – she always counts the days until she can finally go back – until one summer changes everything…

The characters are absolutely fantastic and the relationships they have with each other are so heartwarming that you become attached to them along the way. What makes this book so great is that the chapters switch from summer to summer, showing how their relationships have grown, and it lets you relieve some of their best memories.

This is one of those books that makes you feel everything. I can practically smell the sea and the salty air right now. This is one of those that really has it all! There’s joy, romance, first love, heartbreak, and tragedy. This works wonderfully as a standalone, yet you’ll be so attached to the characters that you’ll gladly continue the series ♥

Review by Estefi – from our branch in Lomas de Zamora