This great book is Mistborn, written by Brandon Sanderson. For a thousand years, the “Lord Ruler” has reigned over the Final Empire after defeating the legendary enemy only known as ‘the deepness’. For a thousand years, people known as Skaa have lived in slavery, misery and fear.

Until one day Kelsier, a mastermind thief and a natural leader, gathers the underworld’s elite with the promise of gold as long as they manage a simple task: slaying the Lord Ruler and overthrowing the Final Empire. Easy, right?

This book promises and delivers greatness. It’s the perfect mix of slow romance, action-packed scenes and land ripe for adventure. I, personally, fell in love with Kelsier from the moment he steps into the scene; he drags you along and spins you within his plans as easily as he does with the rest of the team.

Even though is the first of a trilogy, this book can easily be read from start to finish as a standalone novel. However, I guarantee you will be left craving for more about the characters, the story and the land. If you are looking for fantasy, nothing that Sanderson writes will leave you disappointed.

Reviewer: Eugenia Mehl, from Kel Ediciones’ staff ♥