Once more, unto the breach, fellow Shakespereans! As you might gather from my martial tone, this year we will be tackling the troubling war-mongering Henry V, casting a searchlight into his very soul.

But way before that, for starters, we will take a freash look at King Lear, trying to solve the age-old philosophical conundrums he left us wrestling with,: eg. “Are the gods just” or “What cause in nature makes these hard hearts?”.

The old Celtic king will take up two of our sessions. In between, to lighten the mood somewhat, we will be visiting Illyria where the food of love plays on in palatial settings amidst servants who famously – and raucuosly- call for cakes and ale.

To cap it all, we will be tackling the one romance we have never heretofore discussed, Cymbeline, where the action presumably takes place a few generations after King Lear. It is a fast-paced, chock-full of action play graced by some of the most colourful and poetic language the Bard has ever regaled us with…

We will be sending you monthly reminders of each talk.

Kel Ediciones is proud to host this free event, to which you are all welcome, no matter how much or little you know about William Shakespeare.

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If you have any queries pertaining to the course, please contact lecturer Denis Horan at dhoran@kel-ediciones.com