In the 1970s many countries where stricken by war and revolution, in the middle east Iran was no exception. By the end of the decade a coup took place that overthrown the Shah government and the Islamic Revolution began changing radically the life of Iranians. Marjane Satrapi tells her memoir of these events as a child during those convulsive years in a witty and humorous way in her graphic memoir: Persepolis.

In this first volume we get to know Marjane from 6 to 14 years old as she bears witness to the changes that are taking place in her political upheaval plagued country. From cultural changes to the effects of war Satrapi leaves nothing behind, showing the contradictions the revolution brought on her everyday life and the Iranian people.

This irreverent girl who dreams with philosophers and god entwines her personal experience with the story of her country in a unique way that will leave you smiling in spite of the heartbreaking events that are taking place.

By Euge from Marcelo T de Alvear´s branch