Set in the year 2575, Illuminae is a sci-fi book that won’t stop surprising you with its twists and turns.

Our main characters Kady and Ezra are forced to escape their planet Kerenza, on a evacuating fleet with thousands of other refugees because of a war going on between two mega corporations. Being chased down by the enemy is gonna be the last of their problems, because a deadly plague is in the fleet and it’s spreading quickly.

With the help of Ezra, Kady will try to uncover the truth, while trying to deal with the ship’s Artificial Intelligence – which sometimes feels like helping them and other times turns against them.

Once you pick it up, you can’t stop reading it! The whole book is filled with interview transcripts, diary entries, emails and beautiful images so it makes reading so much fun and easier in a way. Plus you get a lot of different points of views and angles to the story. I’ve never read anything with that kind of format but I ended up loving it.

Be sure to also check out its sequels: Gemina and Obsidio so you’ll get to know what happens in this magnificent universe.

By Marisa from Alto Palermo´s branch ♥